Anything written by Harlan Coben is bound to be a huge hit, so when offered the chance to review his latest stand-alone novel, Don’t Let Go, I jumped at it!

The protagonist of the story is Nap, a police detective who is lost his twin brother, Leo, to a tragic accident when they were both at high school. Leo’s girlfriend was also killed, and Maura, Nap’s girlfriend, disappeared shortly afterwards, seemingly by choice.

He hasn’t heard from her since.

Don’t Let Go begins 15 years after the accident and Nap is now a police detective. He still has questions around his brother’s accident, and knows that something just doesn’t add up. When other members of their old school group start turning up dead, Nap digs deeper and sets off on a mission to find out the truth – what happened to Leo & Diana, and why did Maura disappear?

The term ‘rollercoaster of a novel’ is vastly overused, but here, it’s applicable. Like any good story there are heroes and villains, but can you tell them apart? The characters are engaging and the plot is twisty, but in a good way; there’s mystery and theories – you’re never quite sure which way it is going to go and some bits were so unexpected they were almost jaw-dropping. In one chapter, the descriptive writing was so good I was literally holding my breath – you’ll know it when you get to it.  It’s a thrilling read, Mr Coben really is an author at the top of his game.