I loved the first two books in the Robyn Carter series – Little Girl Lost and Secrets of the Dead were both big hits with me and so I was obviously looking forward to book number 3, albeit with equal measures of trepidation and excitement. You’re always worried that the next in a series will not live up to your expectations, and the writer almost makes a rod for their own back by being so good in the first place – however Carol Wyer is a writing MACHINE!

Can you tell yet that I loved it? 🙂

This book has believable characters that you invest in and actually start to care about. They’re not flawless, unrealistic characters, but have their issues, their baggage, their history and it shows. In this fast-paced novel, we start as Amber Dalton wakes in a dark room with no idea how she got there, and a throbbing head.  Meanwhile, Robyn and her team discover, by accident on a routine drug search in a storage facility, the decomposing body of a young woman locked in a trunk.  Elsewhere, a young girl goes missing.

Robyn’s DCI from the previous books has moved on and her new boss is DCI Flint who doesn’t see any link between the cases and doesn’t want her to waste resources trying to join the dots together. Luckily Robyn listens to her instincts rather than her boss and quietly tries to gather evidence, utilising her ex-cop, now PI cousin Ross, to force Flint to take her seriously.

During her investigation, Robyn’s team determines that social media may well be  playing a large part in the disappearance of these missing girls and in digging deeper she finds links closer to home than she may have expected. Who is the mysterious teacher that keeps popping up? Is he somehow involved? What is the connection, if indeed there is one?

And the last chapter? Wow. I cannot WAIT for DCI Robyn Carter book number 4!

Disclaimer : I received an ARC of this book from Bookouture & Netgalley in return for an honest review.