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Breaking the Rules is the first in a new series from Kitty Wilson. Centred around the Cornish Village of Penmenna, it introduces Rosy Winter, 30-something Headteacher of Penmenna Village School and the various characters that live and work in the village.

We start the book with Rosy discovering a new neighbour moving in to the empty house next door. Although sworn off men for life after a disastrous relationship with the evil Josh, she is simultaneously horrified and delighted to realise that her new neighbour is an extremely gorgeous gardener who has moved into the village to start work on a new gardening TV show centering around the village. Tagging along and shuttling between Penmenna and London is his awful sister Angelina, a reality TV celebrity who thinks of very little except herself and the next rich man she’s going to bag herself. Rosy and Matt immediately hit it off and the chemistry is off the charts. However, quite apart from the fact that Rosy isn’t going to let this go anywhere, she is otherwise engaged with processing the news that the local authority is planning on closing her high achieving school and merging it with 4 others, ten miles away.  Determined to stop this happening, Rosy and her colleagues set about trying to prove that Penmenna Village School has to remain open.

The characters of Matt and Rosy are really funny and likeable. The dialogue is great. Angelina is an absolute nightmare of a woman and I found the conversations between her and Matt grating – it doesn’t seem to me that such a laid back guy would put up with her crap, but the touching reason is brought to light and it makes a lot more sense. Miriam is  virtually a caricature of a village school PTA head, but she’s one of the most evolved characters by the time we get to the end, and the children featured are funny and realistic.

I don’t tend to read romantic comedy, and to be honest, for half the book I was screaming ‘GET ON WITH IT’, but I think that back and forth/will they, won’t they theme is something that’s been successful for a long, long time, so isn’t likely to stop being so now. There are darker themes in this book than in similar novels I’ve read – such as what happened between Rosy and Josh, and Matt’s family background. There were moments that I thought that Matt should just move on and find someone else – after all, with his sister to deal with he definitely didn’t need another hysterical female in his life, but you’ll have to read to find out if he persists or not!

This is an easy read and I’m sure it will be spotted on many a beach this summer. As the first in the series, I look forward to finding out what happens in Penmenna in the future!

Title: The Cornish Village School – Breaking the Rules

Author Name: Kitty Wilson

Previous Books (if applicable): N/A

 Genre: Women’s Fiction

 Release Date: 11th June 2018

Publisher: Canelo

Cover Image:The Cornish Village School

Book Blurb: Rosy Winter is definitely not looking for love

Following heartbreak, Rosy has rebuilt her life in the beautiful Cornish village of Penmenna. Now, headmistress of the local school, she is living by The Rule: no dating anyone in the village. Easy right? But Rosy Winter has a new neighbour, handsome gardener Matt.

In Penmenna for his new gardening TV show, this guy next door will do everything he can to persuade her to break her rule and win her heart. Meanwhile, Penmenna Village School is threatened with closure and it’s up to Rosy to rally the local community and #SaveOurSchool. Can she bring her worlds together and accept help from the most unlikely of sources? One thing’s for sure… she won’t be giving up without a fight.

This heartwarming romance is perfect for fans of Tilly Tennant, Holly Martin and A. L. Michael.

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Kitty Wilson has lived in Cornwall for the last twenty-five years having been dragged there, against her will, as a stroppy teen. She is now remarkably grateful to her parents for their foresight and wisdom – and that her own children aren’t as hideous. She spends most of her time welded to the keyboard or hiding out at the beach and has a penchant for very loud music, equally loud dresses and romantic heroines who speak their mind.



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