Nick: Failed writer. Failed husband. Dog owner.

Bee: Serial dater. Dress maker. Pringles enthusiast.

One day, their paths cross over a misdirected email. The connection is instant, electric. They feel like they’ve known each other all their lives.

Nick buys a new suit, gets on a train. Bee steps away from her desk, sets off to meet him under the clock at Euston station.

Think you know how the rest of the story goes? They did too . . .

But this is a story with more twists than most. This is Impossible.

A clever variation on a timeslip novel, I really liked the premise of Impossible and waited a while to get it from the library. Multiverses/parallel timelines are very on trend right now and while I enjoyed the possibilities the concept brought up, unfortunately after the initial reveal the middle part dragged on for me and didn’t really care that much about the main characters. I thought they behaved pretty badly too although they were self-aware which to acknowledge this so it wasn’t glossed over.

It all got a bit confusing jumping between the two worlds at times and it also felt it a bit far fetched that people would behave the way they did when they were let in on the secret. It was a bit marmite because some bits I really loved and others, not so much, hence the rating.

Overall, it’s a great premise which has kind of been explored before in books and movies albeit in different ways and to be fair to the author it is hard to keep the flow when dealing with chunks of a novel are broken into dialogue/messaging. I think it could make a fantastic movie/TV series – the possibilities are endless!

All in all, a nice, intelligent romantic drama with a bit of fantasy thrown in and a good way to while away a few hours on a sun lounger.