Tim Peake became a national hero when he took off from Earth on his historic Principia mission. The first British European Space Agency astronaut to go to the International Space Station, his journey to the ISS and back was watched with anticipation and awe by the folks back home.

After he had re-adjusted back to life on Earth, Tim invited people to submit any questions using the hashtag #askanastronaut, and it is a selection of these questions that Tim answers with his customary warmth, wisdom and humour. In an age where reality TV ‘celebrities’ are idols and role models for children, Tim Peake is a refreshing change; a man who has gone out to achieve something spectacular in his lifetime, and with this book, give something back. Thanks to Tim, a whole new generation has been introduced to space travel and older generations have seen that spark of amazement and awe relit.

From his time training, to spacewalking, and coming back down to earth with a bump, Tim tells the stories behind the news reports, the real, human tale of being a spaceman. I think it should be part of the national curriculum, inspiring a new generation of space travelers; with diagrams, photos and illustrations, this is a great book for anyone of any age to enjoy, in addition, it’s absolutely perfect for reading out loud with a younger reader or space enthusiast, or even better, both!